Penny B’s Story

SoCal Fitness Boot Camp for Women in Carlsbad at McGee Park is the perfect fit for me. Karen, the owner, is a consummate professional who works out all her students to their limit, but understands when to modify for individuals. I have tried gyms and have been so bored I soon stop attending. Karen has never taught the same class twice. The variety is what keeps me on my toes. I have never enjoyed weights, but the blend of cardio with weights seems to work for me. I am astounded at the end of each workout that I made through yet I do not feel Karen is pushing me beyond my limits. There is a range of students, and I am one of the “older” members which often translates to running a little slower and coming in last sometimes, but I never feel I have to compete with the younger members. I recommend it for any women who want to look better, but even more importantly feel healthy and fit.