Melissa’s Story

I recently went through a personal change in my life that brought me down. After my life event change, I came face to face with how much weight I had actually gained over the years. I was comfortable in my life style. I was not eating healthy, not spending anytime to care for myself. The problem was that I didn’t know what to do. Mainly, it was that I didn’t have the accountability, discipline and motivation to do anything about it. The other problem is that I don’t like gyms…. Read more »

Elisa S’s Story

With So Cal Fitness Boot Camp for Women, I finally got some of the weight loss results I’ve been dreaming of for years! When my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to join a bootcamp class with her, my initial reaction was, “ya right, that sounds like fun!” But, after some convincing, I signed up and proceeded to be challenged and encouraged every single class I attended. Erin, the instructor, knows how to give a great workout and to push you to hit is faster and harder but without making… Read more »

Ann I’s Story

I loved this boot camp!! The instructor (Karen) was amazing – no matter what your exercise level is, she always made you seem equal to all. The results were amazing and they made it fun and a new routine every time you went. They took the time to correct your form so that you were doing it correctly and getting the most benefit from your workout. I would highly recommend this boot camp to anyone who wants to be challenged.

Jen B’s Story

I am on my 2nd session at the 5:30am class in Oceanside. I consider myself in decent shape but each class is extremely challenging for me. And I love the fact it’s 4 days a week! I am competitive, mainly with myself, so this class forces me to push myself to be better & faster. Amanda, our trainer, is awesome!  She is very knowledgeable & is very observant to make sure our form is correct. She is also encouraging & makes the class fun! Highly recommend this program for all… Read more »

Molly W’s Story

Going to SoCal Fitness Boot Camp classes, you never ever feel like it’s a chore or hassle to work-out. This bootcamp is not only fun, it’s motivating, inspirational, and always keeps you on your toes for what’s planned that day. Karen is a phenomenal instructor that is highly educated in her field and always knows how to guide beginners and also those who want more of a challenge. I absolutely love attending bootcamp, the results you get when you put in the effort, and most of all, the feeling of… Read more »

Maria’s Story

I am an Officer in the Army National Guard w/18 years of service, 4 of them active. I attended the Enlisted Army Basic Training Camp and the Officers Basic Training Camp. I was younger, thinner, in good shape, and on active duty. In 2004 I was activated for one year with the Army. I was lucky and did not have to go to Iraq. At that time I was running and exercising 5 days a week with my company. A couple of years later I am in a position to… Read more »

Joyce H’s Story

As my first session with SoCal Fitness Boot Camp enters its final week, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing such a great experience. The boot camp experience has put my exercise routine back on track. I love being outdoors each morning. I never know what to expect other than knowing that I’ll be challenged and worked to the best of my abilities. You provide a very motivating class that proves to never be boring. I’ve never been a group exercise person but I am now… Read more »

Eugenia’s Story

I am NOT a morning person so it was a big step for me to commit to the 5:30AM class and if you were not as energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring it would be easy to just roll over in bed and skip it. I have been telling everyone how much I love Boot Camp and love knowing that my workout is done as I start my day. THANK YOU!

Claudia’s Story

Boot Camp is the most challenging workout I have ever experienced. I feel better, I’m looking better and my self-esteem is at its best. Thank you SoCal Fitness!

Julie’s Story

Thanks so much for the numbers! I had a great time “shrinking” with you. It’s encouraging to see tangible results like that. I’m so impatient that I usually give up on myself before I have time to see results. I LOVED boot camp and am SO bummed I missed those 3 days. But…I just signed up again for the next camp! I love the way you run the camp and I love the other women in the group. I can’t wait to start up again! Thanks for all your encouragement… Read more »