Susan W’s Story

I would HIGHLY recommend this boot camp to any and everyone. I love me some morning boot camp. It starts the day off right and you get it over with. The trainers are great and they push the ones that are in better shape and motivate the women that are just starting to push on at their speed. This camp delivers results and it is a GREAT buy for the money. The women that go are always friendly which makes it even go faster!

Norma M’s Story

I truly enjoy working out with Jackie (Temecula). I like the fact that she changes the exercise routine daily, I for one get bored very easily so this is nice. She also takes the time to correct your form and I appreciate that!

Danielle A’s Story

Karen’s boot camp has been the best. I came in super scared to work out with other people because it had been years since I had worked out. I was not in the best shape and I knew that was why I needed to get out there. She not only helped me with my confidence of being out there but with my nutrition and the way my body is changing! ¬†It is the best.

Cindy B’s Story

I had a fantastic time at SoCal Fitness Boot Camp for approximately 6 months until I had to relocate to the East Coast. Jessica is by far the best trainer I’ve ever had, she makes sure you are maximizing your intensity to get the most out of the workout. Aside from being a great trainer, Jessica possesses an unsurpassed work ethic and commitment to her camp. Jessica is your trainer if you are very focused on getting in shape and have fun with workout variety and good people!

Lisa T’s Story

Prior to joining SoCal Fitness Boot Camp, I was carrying ¬†around an extra 100 pounds I had accumulated over the past ten years and struggled to lose. I am pleased to admit, I have lost 60 pounds this past year by attending SoCal Fitness Boot Camp. I have gone from a size 24 to a 14. I attribute my success to my SoCal Fitness Trainer, Karen Pietsch who provided me the guidance and motivation to show up daily to camp and work toward meeting my weight loss goals. Karen is… Read more »