Maria’s Story

I am an Officer in the Army National Guard w/18 years of service, 4 of them active. I attended the Enlisted Army Basic Training Camp and the Officers Basic Training Camp. I was younger, thinner, in good shape, and on active duty. In 2004 I was activated for one year with the Army. I was lucky and did not have to go to Iraq. At that time I was running and exercising 5 days a week with my company. A couple of years later I am in a position to get deployed to Iraq. It’s just a matter of time. Today I am 42 years old making it harder to stay in shape. ┬áThis camp is making it easier for me to stay in shape. It is fun, but tough enough. Jill is very supportive and keeps us laughing. If eventually I get deployed, I will be more confident and in better shape to start the Army Physical Training for the War. This Camp is helping me to get into the routine of exercising and staying in shape.