Melissa’s Story

I recently went through a personal change in my life that brought me down. After my life event change, I came face to face with how much weight I had actually gained over the years. I was comfortable in my life style. I was not eating healthy, not spending anytime to care for myself. The problem was that I didn’t know what to do. Mainly, it was that I didn’t have the accountability, discipline and motivation to do anything about it. The other problem is that I don’t like gyms. I don’t like the atmosphere, the looks people give you and the lack of support the gym offers. Eventually, I was introduced to boot camp (by a special person in my life) to help me get back on my feet and feeling good again. I have been training at boot camp now for 1 year and 1 month and I continue to have a really great experience.

Before joining boot camp, I weighed 228lbs at probably a 30% or more body fat. I am now at 188lbs and my body fat is less. Jessica, my boot camp trainer has been successful in helping towards my weight loss goals. I have become stronger, more active in other pursuits, like walking, marathon events, and other outside moving activities. It is so much more enjoyable now, less pain, more motivation, overall more energy.