Lisa’s Story

“You got this. Lisa, you can do it!” These two simple phrases are constantly with me. I hear them in my head when exercising at home and I hear them out loud while at camp. They are just one of many driving forces that have pushed me to my greatest fitness achievements which will be with me forever. The voice I hear is SoCal Fitness Boot Camp trainer, Karen Pietsch, who has been my primary fitness trainer for the past five years. Karen is an amazing and dynamic trainer who is devoted to health and fitness,  and who loves to challenge and motivate individuals to reach their fitness goals. Karen is my saving grace and guiding force behind my fitness success story.

I have been attending SoCal Fitness Boot Camp since 2010. I started camp weighing in at 267 pounds. Within my first year, I lost 67 pounds going from a size 24 to a size 14. This was life changing for me which did not come easy at first. Each day was a constant struggle, to be healthy, to eat the right food, and to show up for camp each day. I never thought that I could lose weight nor even improve my fitness health. But each day, my SoCal Fitness Trainer was there for me, pushing and challenging me to work harder at camp while constantly teaching me how to how to make healthy decisions.

To this day, I still do not know how Karen is able to do this. I am just one of her many campers but yet she has an amazing ability to reach out to all of us to offer the best weight loss solutions and fitness challenges.  Karen can be anywhere in the world and yet it feels as if she is next to you.

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One Response to “Lisa’s Story”

  1. Leesa H.

    Lisa, I’m so crazy proud of you. You look fantastic & what a great job you did & am sure you’ll continue on this path. You go girl!