The importance of Stretching

Stretching should be one of the key ingredients to any fitness program.  Among other things, it does the following:
1. Leads to better posture
2. Better blood flow
3. Fewer aches and pains
4. Wakes up your muscles to prevent future injury and pain
5. If your thoracic spine becomes tight (middle of your back), it causes lots of problems up and down your whole body which can lead to instability and weakness.
6. It helps keep things loose and your blood flowing freely through your muscles. 

IMG_0766IMG_0763 IMG_0768When you join SoCal Fitness Boot Camp for Women, we make sure that stretching is an intricate part of your program and will incorporate it into every workout. This will help keep your muscles lengthened, and decrease the risk of injury as you push your muscles past the point you are used to, in order to become stronger and leaner.