About SoCal Fitness Bootcamp

We started this women’s boot camp back in 2007 and we have really enjoyed these last 14 years.  It is so rewarding to see people’s bodies transforming and taking them to where they want to get to in their health and fitness journey. Our goal at SoCal Fitness is to help everyone get to their individual fitness goals, and have a whole lot of fun in the process.

We care about our clients. We are not the average gym class where the trainer works out in the front, and never really helps the clients with their form. We are constantly walking around making sure everyone gets the best workout possible safely and effectively. If your shoulders are slouching forward, I can guarantee one of us is going to come over to you and make sure you keep your shoulders back and chest up. We are all personal trainers as well as group fitness instructors, so we bring the personal touch without the high costs of one on one training.

The coolest part about boot camp in Southern California is being outside in the great outdoors year round. Where else in the country can you workout outside, breathing the fresh air, and in some locations, even smelling the ocean breeze? SoCal Fitness Boot Camp for Women is so much more than just a workout; it’s a community of women, mostly soccer moms, who are there for the common goal of getting fit, slimming down, and feeling AWESOME!