Penny B’s Story

I love SoCal Fitness Bootcamp. I have been coming for almost 10 years. The best part is being outdoors and the camaraderie of the women. Karen’s a pro who varies her workouts so we never know what’s coming. She does keep track of her exercises and makes sure we always get a thorough workout each week. She also modifies for different health issues. My advice to newcomers is to realize that it will get easier every week and you will see results.

Rickie B’s Story

I have been a long time member of Socal Bootcamp (7yrs).  I joined because I love being outdoors and being challenged without being pushed so hard you end up hurt. Karen is a great instructor.  She keeps you on track, motivated and in shape.  The groups that she forms are supportive, fun and excellent workout buddies. Join now and don’t wait. You will love it and become addicted like me! Socal Bootcamp is the BEST in town! 

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Jodi B’s Story

Karen is amazing! Knowledgeable, Friendly, and Fun! I love that this is Women Only, but for all levels and ages! Karen is great at modifying exercises to each individual’s level, as well as, injuries. We have a very friendly and fun group! 

Erin L’s Story

I started Bootcamp 8 years ago after my first daughter was born. I have loved it ever since. Early morning Bootcamp makes me more productive during the day.  Thank you Karen for the laughs and kicking my butt each week.   

Aviva H’s Story

SoCal Fitness Boot Camp trainer, Karen Pietsch has a great passion and enthusiasm for fitness and enjoys inspiring and motivating others on their journey to improved health. The  workouts are fun, varied, and effective at firming/toning and increasing muscle strength. I’ve been going since 2020 and love it! Karen does a great job of tailoring workouts to each participant’s ability level while staying aware of areas that might cause injury. The group is friendly and welcoming and I look forward to going to boot camp every week!

Annie C’s Story

I joined SoCal Fitness Boot Camp because I was looking for an all female workout group where I could get a great workout in but didn’t feel intimidated.  The variety of the class is great, you really get a full body workout.  Karen works within your limitations but also pushes you to a level that she knows you can manage.  The support of the other women in class is incredible, and it is great to have a group of women who keep me accountable to my fitness goals.  I have… Read more »

1-legged booty kickin’ exercise

I love 1-Arm, 1-leg Romanian deadlifts.  This exercise works on balance and stability, and really strengthens and lifts the booty.  All you need for this exercise is one-dumbbell that is at least 10 pounds. Start by holding your weight in your left hand and stand on your right foot.  Hinge from the hips and reach down and touch the middle of your right foot with your weight.  Keep your shoulders back, and your back flat.  To make sure to keep the pressure in your heel (which will activate your gluten… Read more »

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How to release your hip flexors: Groin Stretch 101

Our trainer Maryann Berry, instructor of Cottonwood Creek in Encinitas, has a written a lot of really good blog posts you should check out on her website Realign Therapy This video will teach you exactly how to get the most out of your hip flexor stretch, and Maryann will show you in detail how to do it. You can read the whole article here: Groin Stretch 101

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Full body quick home workout

If you need to get a quick workout in at home, and don’t want to have to use any equipment, this workout can be done in 30 min.  It’s a high intensity workout with very little to no rest to get your heart rate pumping, and burn a lot of calories in a very short period of time. Workout: 5 min warmup (jumping jacks, step-ups, jogging in place, high knees) 5 min stretch (stretch out your whole body) 1 min of pushups 1 min of mountain climbers 1 min of… Read more »

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15 Anti-inflammatory foods to add to your diet

As most of you know, inflammation causes a lot of problems in the body.  By eating anti-inflammatory foods, your body is better able to heal quicker, as well as combat many inflammatory diseases such as celiac disease, lupus, and fibromyalgia. Dr. Axe (certified doctor of natural medicine, chiropractic and clinical nutritionist), talks about 15 of the top anti-inflammatory foods you should be adding to your diet on a regular basis (You can read the whole article here: Top 15 Anti-Inflammatory foods). Our goal should be to shy away from overly processed foods, and move to… Read more »

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