Success Stories

Penny B’s Story

I love SoCal Fitness Bootcamp. I have been coming for almost 10 years. The best part is being outdoors and the camaraderie of the women. Karen’s a pro who varies her workouts so we never know what’s coming. She does keep track of her exercises and makes sure we always get a thorough workout each week. She also modifies for different health issues. My advice to newcomers is to realize that it will get easier every week and you will see results.

Jodi B’s Story

Karen is amazing! Knowledgeable, Friendly, and Fun! I love that this is Women Only, but for all levels and ages! Karen is great at modifying exercises to each individual’s level, as well as, injuries. We have a very friendly and fun group! 

Erin L’s Story

I started Bootcamp 8 years ago after my first daughter was born. I have loved it ever since. Early morning Bootcamp makes me more productive during the day.  Thank you Karen for the laughs and kicking my butt each week.   

Aviva H’s Story

SoCal Fitness Boot Camp trainer, Karen Pietsch has a great passion and enthusiasm for fitness and enjoys inspiring and motivating others on their journey to improved health. The  workouts are fun, varied, and effective at firming/toning and increasing muscle strength. I’ve been going since 2020 and love it! Karen does a great job of tailoring workouts to each participant’s ability level while staying aware of areas that might cause injury. The group is friendly and welcoming and I look forward to going to boot camp every week!

Annie C’s Story

I joined SoCal Fitness Boot Camp because I was looking for an all female workout group where I could get a great workout in but didn’t feel intimidated.  The variety of the class is great, you really get a full body workout.  Karen works within your limitations but also pushes you to a level that she knows you can manage.  The support of the other women in class is incredible, and it is great to have a group of women who keep me accountable to my fitness goals.  I have… Read more »

Lisa’s Story

“You got this. Lisa, you can do it!” These two simple phrases are constantly with me. I hear them in my head when exercising at home and I hear them out loud while at camp. They are just one of many driving forces that have pushed me to my greatest fitness achievements which will be with me forever. The voice I hear is SoCal Fitness Boot Camp trainer, Karen Pietsch, who has been my primary fitness trainer for the past five years. Karen is an amazing and dynamic trainer who… Read more »

Charlotte’s Story

Hi. My name is Charlotte Osborn. I have been attending SoCal Fitness Boot Camp for Women since 2007. Being active duty Navy, I have to maintain a certain level of fitness and pass the Navy physical fitness test twice a year. The fitness test is not easy and requires training to pass. With my work schedule and being a Command Master Chief, it was hard to find time in the day for physical training. One day I saw an add in an advertising mailer for the boot camp class that was… Read more »

Melissa’s Story

I recently went through a personal change in my life that brought me down. After my life event change, I came face to face with how much weight I had actually gained over the years. I was comfortable in my life style. I was not eating healthy, not spending anytime to care for myself. The problem was that I didn’t know what to do. Mainly, it was that I didn’t have the accountability, discipline and motivation to do anything about it. The other problem is that I don’t like gyms…. Read more »

Elisa S’s Story

With So Cal Fitness Boot Camp for Women, I finally got some of the weight loss results I’ve been dreaming of for years! When my girlfriend asked me if I wanted to join a bootcamp class with her, my initial reaction was, “ya right, that sounds like fun!” But, after some convincing, I signed up and proceeded to be challenged and encouraged every single class I attended. Erin, the instructor, knows how to give a great workout and to push you to hit is faster and harder but without making… Read more »

Ann I’s Story

I loved this boot camp!! The instructor (Karen) was amazing – no matter what your exercise level is, she always made you seem equal to all. The results were amazing and they made it fun and a new routine every time you went. They took the time to correct your form so that you were doing it correctly and getting the most benefit from your workout. I would highly recommend this boot camp to anyone who wants to be challenged.