Success Stories

Jen B’s Story

I am on my 2nd session at the 5:30am class in Oceanside. I consider myself in decent shape but each class is extremely challenging for me. And I love the fact it’s 4 days a week! I am competitive, mainly with myself, so this class forces me to push myself to be better & faster. Amanda, our trainer, is awesome!  She is very knowledgeable & is very observant to make sure our form is correct. She is also encouraging & makes the class fun! Highly recommend this program for all… Read more »

Molly W’s Story

Going to SoCal Fitness Boot Camp classes, you never ever feel like it’s a chore or hassle to work-out. This bootcamp is not only fun, it’s motivating, inspirational, and always keeps you on your toes for what’s planned that day. Karen is a phenomenal instructor that is highly educated in her field and always knows how to guide beginners and also those who want more of a challenge. I absolutely love attending bootcamp, the results you get when you put in the effort, and most of all, the feeling of… Read more »

Maria’s Story

I am an Officer in the Army National Guard w/18 years of service, 4 of them active. I attended the Enlisted Army Basic Training Camp and the Officers Basic Training Camp. I was younger, thinner, in good shape, and on active duty. In 2004 I was activated for one year with the Army. I was lucky and did not have to go to Iraq. At that time I was running and exercising 5 days a week with my company. A couple of years later I am in a position to… Read more »

Joyce H’s Story

As my first session with SoCal Fitness Boot Camp enters its final week, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for providing such a great experience. The boot camp experience has put my exercise routine back on track. I love being outdoors each morning. I never know what to expect other than knowing that I’ll be challenged and worked to the best of my abilities. You provide a very motivating class that proves to never be boring. I’ve never been a group exercise person but I am now… Read more »

Eugenia’s Story

I am NOT a morning person so it was a big step for me to commit to the 5:30AM class and if you were not as energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring it would be easy to just roll over in bed and skip it. I have been telling everyone how much I love Boot Camp and love knowing that my workout is done as I start my day. THANK YOU!

Claudia’s Story

Boot Camp is the most challenging workout I have ever experienced. I feel better, I’m looking better and my self-esteem is at its best. Thank you SoCal Fitness!

Julie’s Story

Thanks so much for the numbers! I had a great time “shrinking” with you. It’s encouraging to see tangible results like that. I’m so impatient that I usually give up on myself before I have time to see results. I LOVED boot camp and am SO bummed I missed those 3 days. But…I just signed up again for the next camp! I love the way you run the camp and I love the other women in the group. I can’t wait to start up again! Thanks for all your encouragement… Read more »

Hope L’s Story

This is where it’s at ladies! Not only are you getting in shape but the confidence you feel afterwards is amazing! I started noticing results just after 6 days at camp. Karen is so motivating and positive. If theres an exercise you are having trouble with she modifies it just for you so you dont feel left out.Plus if your doing an exercise and it comes “easy” she pumps it up a notch. This camp is for every size, shape, speed and age. The women you work out with are… Read more »

Jodi D’s Story

I have been attending the 5:30 am Boot Camp in Temecula at Ronald Reagan Sports Park since February.   It’s a great way to start your day. In this heat, it’s nice to have your workout in by 6:30am. Jackie is a great trainer. She really pushes you to reach your goals. She is very positive and makes the class a lot of fun. I would highly recommend this boot camp to anyone looking for a great workout with great people.

Kim V’s Story

I want you to know that I really enjoyed my first boot camp, and I have enrolled for the next boot camp. Thanks to my trainer, it was so much fun, and at the same time, she kicked my butt.