Success Stories

Rae E’s Story

Ever since I started attending Karen’s class a few months ago I have felt so much better about myself. There is nothing like waking up and getting an excellent workout first thing in the morning. It gives me energy throughout the day and helps keep me focused. She is an excellent instructor and knows how to keep the class motivated with fun music and a variety of exercises. The bonus is that it is all women! No worries about what you look like when you come to class. Simply come… Read more »

Jackie M’s Story

I just wanted to let you know I am so happy with my progress and have become a complete Boot Camp Junky. This is either my 8th or 9th month of boot camp with Karen and I have lost a total of 25lbs. and 3-1/2″ off my waist and now down 3 pant sizes. Karen is amazing and I just love Boot Camp.

Ashley A’s Story

I don’t know what i’d do without this bootcamp! I’m completely addicted and i think this may always have to be a part of my life! :0) I Started going to the location in north Oceanside in Feb of 2012. I attended it for 5 months and saw significant improvements in my physical endurance, strength, as well as changes in my body that really made me happy! I also loved working out with a group of women who were encouraging and challenged me! Kyndra is a great trainer at that… Read more »

Lynda W’s Story

I am a Boot Camp Junkie! I have seen great results since starting Boot Camp. I am stronger, faster and fitter than I have been in years. For a 43-year-old mother of 3, that’s something to cheer about! I highly recommend SoCal Fitness Boot Camp to anyone who wants to get fit and have fun doing it!

Marcie E’s Story

This is a fantastic boot camp!! After driving past my gym twice/day but never stopping I quit (after 2 years of giving them my $). I found this boot camp on Groupon and decided to give it a try. That has been nearly a year ago and I haven’t stopped since! I love the instructors who encourage us to work our hardest but don’t yell at us, they make sure we’re holding the correct posture and our workouts are always varied and fun. I really like being a women’s only… Read more »

Susan W’s Story

I would HIGHLY recommend this boot camp to any and everyone. I love me some morning boot camp. It starts the day off right and you get it over with. The trainers are great and they push the ones that are in better shape and motivate the women that are just starting to push on at their speed. This camp delivers results and it is a GREAT buy for the money. The women that go are always friendly which makes it even go faster!

Norma M’s Story

I truly enjoy working out with Jackie (Temecula). I like the fact that she changes the exercise routine daily, I for one get bored very easily so this is nice. She also takes the time to correct your form and I appreciate that!

Danielle A’s Story

Karen’s boot camp has been the best. I came in super scared to work out with other people because it had been years since I had worked out. I was not in the best shape and I knew that was why I needed to get out there. She not only helped me with my confidence of being out there but with my nutrition and the way my body is changing!  It is the best.

Cindy B’s Story

I had a fantastic time at SoCal Fitness Boot Camp for approximately 6 months until I had to relocate to the East Coast. Jessica is by far the best trainer I’ve ever had, she makes sure you are maximizing your intensity to get the most out of the workout. Aside from being a great trainer, Jessica possesses an unsurpassed work ethic and commitment to her camp. Jessica is your trainer if you are very focused on getting in shape and have fun with workout variety and good people!