Our Program

Our boot camp workouts will help you become more physically fit and toned, lose weight and inches, and gain strength and endurance. These attributes will help increase your self-confidence and improve how you feel. The boot camp workouts for women include specialized exercises designed with a focus on firming your butt and thighs, flattening your stomach and reducing your body fat.

You don’t have to be physically fit to participate in this boot camp. Women of all abilities and ages are welcome to participate. No one will be asked to do more than they are capable of doing safely. Everyone will be challenged to their ability and no one will be left behind. For optimal benefits, boot camp workouts will be slightly increased each day, and you will be more physically fit by the end of the program.

The boot camp workouts include the following exercises:

  • core conditioning
  • muscular strengthening
  • circuit training
  • short-distance running
  • sport yoga
  • hiking
  • pilates
  • obstacle courses
  • sport drills
  • and more!